Diving deeper


On the importance of a common language.

›Mindset‹, ›Embodiment‹, ›Flow‹, ›Accelerators‹. ... we know that this terminology is a lot to take in. But we won’t keep you in the dark. We want you to really understand what we mean by these terms and never waste your time with empty phrases.

Our specific terminology is simply a means of supporting you efficiently throughout your growth process – as a person, a fellow human being and an entrepreneur.

Just see the language we use as some form of “Esperanto”, a universal language derived from a vast number of research fields and guiding principles.

And we want you to understand this language perfectly: at VERTICAL we support you in mastering a common language of transformation on all levels of your business.

And to do so, we first and foremost must clearly understand you – your motivations, your aspirations and your (current) limitations. We have no doubt: we will understand each other.

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