Transforming Leaders.
Growing Business.

Unleash your best version with proven methods from neuroscience and elite sports - in harmony with ancient wisdom - and all that without burnout.

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The 5 principles for guaranteed leadership transformation

With 5 Principles to a new Transformative Operating System - combining Business Growth and Inner Development.

Our approach

Outer Transformation needs inner Transformation.

2 out of 3 transformation projects fail. Because of the people and their inner capacity to deal with consistent stress and uncertainty while overcoming their limiting beliefs to transform themselves as humans and leaders.


In tune with your nervous system

Align your work with human nature,
not against it and achieve:

75 %

more flow & performance

78 %

more self-awareness & growth

59 %

less stress

Based on feedback, research and results from over 500 training participants, using different measurement technologies including Surveys, Oura Ring, Muse, Fire of Life, Heart Math, Monroe institute and other cutting edge bio-, and neurofeedback resources.

Peak Performance & Flow for Leaders

How this program changed leaders' realities

“I have more time, I am more patient, the results are better and my team has now a leader that is more present and more a leader.”

Country Manager, Denmark

"It´s not only theory. The practical tools really help me to become a better version of myself, to sleep better and to feel better in my body."

Head of Marketing, France

"This program truly changed my life - compared to all the other leadership seminars I have attended."

Vice President, Germany

"When I am in a flow state I can easily connect the dots like puzzle pieces, for example for a complex work challenge."

VP International Products, Retail, Germany

Transformation. Guaranteed*

We build scalable and hybrid programs for companies and their leaders, using 90 day building blocks to "rewire ourselves" and secure the success and desired growth outcome. Without burning out.

*if you do the work

Peak Performance & Flow
Building Block 1:

Act from your best version to achieve your highest goals.

How to boost your energy and focus, overcome limiting beliefs and deliver exceptional results - with less stress and more happiness.

Become a Leader of a New Era
Building Block 2:

Designed to help you to become a trusted & transformative leader

How to relate and listen deeply while helping others grow and leading fearlessly from inner authority - with better results.

Leading High Trust and High Flow Teams
Building Block 3:

Unlock the potential of your team to thrive under pressure and reach your ultimate goals.

How to unblock group flow, surf on polarities and establish a high performing and developing culture in your organization.

Transform yourself to transform the world
Special Program:

Elevate conscioussness, Expand capacities and evolve as a human leader.

Learn to play the infinite game of "waking up - growing up and showing up" to overcome your limiting fears to co-create a wealthy and impactful community that makes a difference.

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We incorporate Neuroscience Tools for tracking and scaling Flow Performance

Health tracker and training barometer

Health tracker and training barometer

With the Oura Smart Ring, you record your sleep, activity, and recovery data as we train - anywhere, anytime. This allows you to track your successes in a measurable and tangible way.

Coherence measurement for managing emotions

Coherence measurement for managing emotions

The 1 x 1 of Heart Coherence: An effective method for measurably transforming feelings of stress, anxiety, anger or frustration into serenity, confidence and joy.

With instant Neurofeedback to Work Life Balance

With instant Neurofeedback to Work Life Balance

Muse is a smart headband that acts as your personal meditation coach. Its advanced sensors can detect when your mind wanders and give you gentle audio cues to bring your focus back to the present.

BEYOND - the summer camp for leaders

The whole world of personal growth for leaders in ONE camp 

Learn and experience in one week what you would learn in one year of weekend seminars. 

Transformation on all levels 

We curate the latest innovation in personal development with leading-edge technology and a community of like-minded leaders and facilitators. 

Beyond vacations

Find deep rest and relaxation by aligning your work with your own nature, not by escaping it.

The VERTICAL founding team and flow experts

Sebastian Baier
Sebastian Baier
Co-Founder & Facilitator for Transformational Leadership
Achim Feige
Achim Feige
Co-Founder & CEO Companion
Stefanie Stebegg
Stefanie Stebegg
Flow Performance Coach
Raphael Ungar
Raphael Ungar
Human Capacity Builder & Flow Expert
Johannes Mahler
Johannes Mahler
Flow & Higher States Expert
Olivia Köhler
Olivia Köhler
Nature Therapist & Team Workshop Facilitator

A Growing Collective for growing new leaders

For our large development & transformation mission, we have assembled a unique collective of the most relevant disciplines. Our homebase in Berlin is, a thought leadership place for new perspectives in business, society and politics.

We don‘t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training

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