Building Block 2

Become a Leader of a new era

“I have more time, I am more patient, the results are better and my team has now a leader that is more present and more a leader.”

Country Manager, Denmark

Are you struggling with how to achieve results, create meaning and develop your people for tomorrow during transformational periods?

You really tried agile new work techniques, some mindfulness "to be open to new things", but the people are still not attracted by you and your leadership and you are working harder and harder to achieve the Goals?

No worries. We are here to help you in one program. Not in ten. In 90 days. Not sometime. Measurable. Not esoteric.  Saving you time. Not costing it.

We believe that there is no great leadership without understanding yourself: your nervous system, the power of the heart , your own ability to relate and let other people thrive using emotions.

Thus we designed this program combining the latest flow - & neuroscience form Harvard and Stanford with protocols from olympians, navy seals and cutting edge transformative technologies to help you and your team thrive under pressure.

Learn to lead under pressure with more inner strength, confidence, empathy and "Head Coach spirit".

In this program, you'll also learn many easy-to-use and liberating mindset exercises to reduce your resistance to change. More than 500 leaders from 16 countries have already achieved the following results:

10 hours +

additional free time per week

53 %

more self-awareness and self-resonance

67 %

more self-effiacy and autonomy in leadership

Based on feedback, research and results from over 500 training participants, using different measurement technologies including Surveys, Oura Ring, Muse, Fire of Life, Heart Math, Monroe institute and other cutting edge bio-, and neurofeedback resources.

The Program Structure and Contents


Basic survey of the current status and individual goals

1 Live Kick-off Workshop

To connect and inspire deeply as a group of (self-)leaders

5 Online Group Trainings

For teaching and practicing the content

5 hands-on assignments

For rewiring the brain and establishing transformative behaviour in the company culture

110 hours of training material

Video material, studies, exercises and consolidation resources available 24/7

Mentored Peer-Learning

in small groups to enable cross-silo connecting and learning

1:1 Training Support

24/5 Virtual 1:1 Coaching Hotline to deepen the individual journey

Your individual Workbook

For self-reflection on your path to peak performance and personal growth

Live closing Workshop ritual

to commit and thrive better together

The Program Modules

Outgrow your leadership problems

Get to know the levers (Energy, Emotions, Mind, Action, Leading) to outgrow your leadership problems and mental biases. You define your key challenges and start to develop your version of the leader you´d like to follow yourself.

Create trust in a brave space

Trust is not all, but without trust nothing happens.
Learn to Increase your reliability, compassion and circle of responsibility to become a trusted leader.

Listen & Relate deeply

Overcome your ego and fear of opening up while sharing and listening out of real curiosity. Walk in the shoe of others, relate to the authentic self and connect deeply .

Give and take feedback that excels

Leader and their teams have to deliver their promises AND this can be achieved with more by letting others grow by give radical and candid feedback. Because you care and act like a coach.

Act as a role model

Nothing is stronger than exemplify your own crisis, vulnerabiilties and development. Embody your own heroes journey and and people will connect and follow naturally.

Master the Energy

Emotions are "energy in motion". Regulate and Play with your emotions to increase grit, and influence your teams using frequencies, vibration and energy fields in the room.

Most companies start with Building Block 1

Our programs build on each other

In a personal meeting, we find out together where your company or team currently stands, which program will advance you the most and which individual components can be supplemented. Our programs can be seamlessly integrated with internal training measures.

Peak Performance & Flow
Building Block 1:

Act from your best version to achieve your highest goals.

How to boost your energy and focus, overcome limiting beliefs and deliver exceptional results - with less stress and more happiness.

Leading High Trust and High Flow Teams
Building Block 3:

Unlock the potential of your team to thrive under pressure and reach your ultimate goals.

How to unblock group flow, surf on polarities and establish a high performing and developing culture in your organization.

Transform yourself to transform the world
Special Program:

Elevate conscioussness, Expand capacities and evolve as a human leader.

Learn to play the infinite game of "waking up - growing up and showing up" to overcome your limiting fears to co-create a wealthy and impactful community that makes a difference.