Building Block 1

Performance & Flow

"When I am in a flow state I can easily connect the dots like puzzle pieces, for example for a complex work challenge."

VP International Products, Retail, Germany

Are you struggling with achieving your goals while making time for family, health or a thriving company culture?

You've probably tried many different seminars, self-help books, or "compensatory exercises" and it hasn't helped reduce your stress and anxiety in a lasting way?

No problem. That's why we developed our "one fits it all" training. Not ten different courses. 
Guaranteed measurable results in 90 days. **We want to work with you to save time - not take it away. **
We believe there is no great leadership or peak performance without enough recovery time, high energy, and the ability to focus under stress.

That's why we created this program that combines the latest flow and neuroscience from Harvard and Stanford with protocols from Olympians, Navy Seals, and cutting-edge transformative technologies to help you and your team succeed under pressure.

Calm your nervous system and achieve your most important goals

Learn how to access "flow states" on demand

In this program, you'll learn many easy-to-use and liberating mindset exercises for your everyday work and personal life that help you to live and work with:

59 %

less stress

75 %

more flow & performance

5-10 hours

more free time per week

Based on feedback, research and results from over 500 training participants, using different measurement technologies including Surveys, Oura Ring, Muse, Fire of Life, Heart Math, Monroe institute and other cutting edge bio-, and neurofeedback resources.

Structure and contents of the program


Basic survey of the current status and individual goals

1 Live Kick-off Workshop

To connect and inspire deeply as a group of (self-)leaders

5 Online Group Trainings

For teaching and practicing the content

5 hands-on assignments

For rewiring the brain and establishing transformative behaviour in the company culture

On-demand training material

60 hours of video material, studies, exercises and in-depth material on demand

Mentored Peer-Learning

in small groups to enable cross-silo connecting and learning

1:1 Training Support

24/5 Virtual 1:1 Coaching Hotline to deepen the individual journey

Your individual Workbook

For self-reflection on your path to peak performance and personal growth

Live closing Workshop ritual

to commit and thrive better together

The Program Modules

Baseline to Beyond

Here you get to know the 10 levers to outgrow your problems on body, heart, mind and doing. You define your key challenges and start to develop your boldest self.

My Best Version

Create your virtuos circle of passion, performance and purpose to overcome your liming beliefs and start visualize your best Version

Upgrade your Daily Life

Rewire your nervous system with new microroutines on breath, exercise, sleep, nutrion, heart coherence, mindset and change your perception of time with your 35/5 hours weekly Flow Calendar.

High Flow Performance

Learn about the flow cycle and play with your triggers to access Flow on demand for limitless high performance when you need it the most.

Overcome your immunity to change

Get rid of limiting fears, convictions and oppsite commitments to release your self from everything what is holding you back today.

Your Peak Performance Plan

Mastery is a deliberate path of small steps, daily and weekly routines and deep new experiences and learnings. You will create your personal plan for you next level life as a performer and leader.

Most companies start with Building Block 1

Our programs build on each other

In a personal meeting, we find out together where your company or team currently stands, which program will advance you the most and which individual components can be supplemented. Our programs can be seamlessly integrated with internal training measures.

Become a Leader of a New Era
Building Block 2:

Designed to help you to become a trusted & transformative leader

How to relate and listen deeply while helping others grow and leading fearlessly from inner authority - with better results.

Leading High Trust and High Flow Teams
Building Block 3:

Unlock the potential of your team to thrive under pressure and reach your ultimate goals.

How to unblock group flow, surf on polarities and establish a high performing and developing culture in your organization.

Transform yourself to transform the world
Special Program:

Elevate conscioussness, Expand capacities and evolve as a human leader.

Learn to play the infinite game of "waking up - growing up and showing up" to overcome your limiting fears to co-create a wealthy and impactful community that makes a difference.