Special Program

Transform yourself to transform the world

"This program truly changed my life - compared to all the other leadership seminars I have attended."

Vice President, Germany

Are you really striving to become a brigde builder into a new era, want to cope with the great external transformatiion and unlock your inner Transformation Code

And you are tired of selfhelp books, Retreat- and Youtube Guru -Hopping and not getting their inspirations integrated in your life here and now?

No worries. We are here to help you in one program -Not in ten.

To wake up, grow up an show up as mature and grown leaders to make a positive difference in the world 

Successful transformation happens from inside out starting with yourself. Because we believe:

If you do not transform yourself, you do not transform anything else.

The Program Structure and Contents


Basic survey of the current status and individual goals

Live Kick-off Retreat

2,5 days Immersive Retreat to connect and inspire deeply as a group of (self-)leaders

8 Online Group Trainings

To convey and practise

8 Assignments

To rewire the brain and establish transformative behaviour in the company culture.

110 hours of training material

Video material, studies, exercises and consolidation resources available 24/7

1:1 Training Support

24/5 Virtual 1:1 Coaching Hotline to deepen the individual journey

Mentored Peer-Learning

in small groups to enable cross-silo connecting and learning

Your individual Workbook

For self-reflection on your path to peak performance and personal growth

Live closing Workshop ritual

to commit and thrive better together

The Program Modules

01 Checkin into the eye of the storm

Check In and learn what “Trans-Formational Leadership” really means, how to outgrow your problems and to make sense where you are in this pivotal time.

02 Live your own deep transformational question(s)

Learn how to find the tensions, frictions and key conflicts arising in you on the map of change in relation to yourself, family, teams, organization, society, nature and the universe. Where is the lever to breakthrough and shift your world?

03 Meaning Making 3.0

Access the secrets and sense-making qualities of movers and shakers of all times. Beyond having a simple “why”. From being a Bodhisattva to the reality distortion fields of Steve Jobs and how to apply this for you in this VUCA Times.

04 Live and work from the Zone

High Flow Lifestyle. Level up your Flow Channel and productivity up to 500% and learn like a sports professional and masters of any domain to pre to be at your best when it counts – without burning out.

05 Inspirations from on the mountain top

Decode the neuroscientific patterns of micro ecstatic practices of opening up to be inspired, letting new perspectives in to solve your growth challenges with more ease, joy and effectiveness.

06 Use fear as a fuel of growth

Grow up by getting rid of self sabotaging beliefs and mindset, facing your deepest fears and integrating your shadow to let go and become more clear and connected to yourself than ever before.

07 Help others to expand

How to show up as a re-born leader. Learn to become more trusted, empathetic and radical in your feedback to let others get unstuck and grow. Access the field of group flow and co-creating impactful communities.

08 Lead like a corporate zen master

Become crystal clear in your mind, lead with more inner freedom from your higher self- the Big Mind- by transcending your shadows and integrating polarities into wise and compassionate decisions.

09 Define your Transformative Action Plan

Traction – Distraction is ACTION: Define your transformative calendar to manifest daily, weekly, monthly and yearly the person and leader you want to be. Starting here and now.

10 Integration & Manifestation

Time for deepening, reflecting on the previous modules and focusing on the most impactful actions to make a difference as human beings, leaders and citizens on this planet.

Most companies start with Building Block 1

Our programs build on each other

In a personal meeting, we find out together where your company or team currently stands, which program will advance you the most and which individual components can be supplemented. Our programs can be seamlessly integrated with internal training measures.

Peak Performance & Flow
Building Block 1:

Act from your best version to achieve your highest goals.

How to boost your energy and focus, overcome limiting beliefs and deliver exceptional results - with less stress and more happiness.

Become a Leader of a New Era
Building Block 2:

Designed to help you to become a trusted & transformative leader

How to relate and listen deeply while helping others grow and leading fearlessly from inner authority - with better results.

Leading High Trust and High Flow Teams
Building Block 3:

Unlock the potential of your team to thrive under pressure and reach your ultimate goals.

How to unblock group flow, surf on polarities and establish a high performing and developing culture in your organization.

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