Diving deeper

Higher Learning

The principle behind vertical progress.

Let us think big for a moment. And we mean: big as a planet. Now let us assume, that we agree on the earth being a nearly perfect sphere.

Now let’s further assume that right now you are looking at the horizon, asking yourself what might lie beyond.

Of course, you could just set out and head towards that horizon…but if you did, and just traveled long enough, the scenery would appear strangely familiar. Because you would have just gotten back to where you started, certainly having made experiences, but still just back at the beginning.

No matter how often you may repeat this journey, you will only ever return to something you already know – even if with every new attempt you might travel with more confidence.

This little thought experiment reveals the whole problem with what we call “horizontal learning”. If you cannot change your point of view and discover new horizons, you are stuck in a loop, learning the same things over and over again, instead of breaking new grounds.

With "Vertical Development" we want to equip you with an inner compass, helping you to break the cycle of learning routines. By melding carefully selected principles and methods from various areas of expertise, VERTICAL supports you in gaining a global perspective on how you really think and act, which in turn also opens your eyes for the nature and potential of others and strengthens your ability to master even the most complex of challenges – with purpose and responsibility.

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