Diving deeper

The Power Within

Inside out. Upside down. Always towards the future.

The VERTICAL program is based on two fundamental principles:

First: regaining "self-authorship" for an unbiased view of your inner self, supporting a more conscious and humane self-concept as a vehicle for reaching the peak of your own performance. This way, anyone can become the author of their own growth narrative. We believe that everyone should individually determine the main themes, subjects and story lines of this narrative, and write it in their own, personal language. And we believe that everyone is capable of doing so – with some guidance.
Only if the individual has created their own growth narrative can others be inspired by it – eventually making the narrative a bestseller.

The second core principle of the VERTICAL program is "personal mastery". Just think of it as a chain reaction: if an atom becomes excited it can release vast amounts of energy ... and in turn excite countless other atoms. Similarly at VERTICAL we focus first and foremost on the development of the individual leadership personality, to eventually unleash the energy needed to inspire employees, organizations and future generations and bring them to a whole new energy level.

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